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WM Reply believes creative recruitment is key to diversity

A partner at London based tech firm WM Reply has urged the technology sector to recruit diversely or risk losing out on the benefits brought by gender diversity on your workforce.

The company is know for building world-class intranets and other business solutions. They believe that taking a more creative approach to recruitment is the solution to an industry that has a well publicised disparity between males and females. According to various the surveys and reports there can be as little as 17% of the workforce made up by females.

WM Reply have developed a long term solution to recruitment in a bid to combat this. Indeed the number of females employed by the company has double in the past two years with women outnumbering men in some roles by a ratio of two to one.

Richard Acreman, Partner at WM Reply, said: “As the head of a tech company, I believe we all have a responsibility to improve the level of diversity within the sector. A creative recruitment strategy is key to this.

“When you are growing a company, there’s always the temptation to opt for the finished article and recruit straight for senior roles. But this means the options available are already narrowed, both in number and diversity.

“At WM Reply we’re committed to recruiting from as wide a pool as possible. We focus on aptitude and grow our employees from the ground up.”

WM reply was founded seven years ago by Richard Acreman and was known originally as WM360. He was joined by Alastair Cashman and Stephen Monk, working on their first project in 2011 for Vodafone Global Enterprise. After several years of growth new offices opened as far away as New York, Auckland and in Australia. A split in 2016 saw the European arm join the Reply network of technology companies. WM Reply now employs over 60 employees with European offices in London, Chester and Minsk.

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