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Virgin Hyperloop One app revealed at CES 2018


Hyperloop, the next generation in mass-transit, took a step closer to reality today at CES 2018. Virgin Hyperloop One are at the show and they’ve been showing off their new app.

The app will allow passengers to book a seat on their hyperloop as well as connecting with Lyft to pick them up from the station. The app was made using a mobile software development kit created by Here Technologies. The kit includes mapping and navigation data from 136 countries as well as public transport information from 1,300 cities and 3D indoor and venue maps.

Virgin Hyperloop One app revealed at CES 2018

The app, pictured above, compares travel options including hyperloop and more conventional methods such as trains and planes. These connections are perhaps a missing piece in the puzzle as to how door-to-door transport would work in the system.

“Hyperloop is not just about A to B, it’s an end-to-end passenger experience — that means no waiting at any point along the journey,” said Matt Jones, Virgin Hyperloop One’s SVP Software Engineering. “HERE shares our vision for optimizing travel. We will redefine the passenger experience by offering real time, on demand travel connecting hyperloop, other modes, and even indoor walking directions.”

“This collaboration demonstrates the future of transportation and mobility,” said CEO of HERE Technologies, Edzard Overbeek. “Supported by our open location platform, Virgin Hyperloop One is showing how its groundbreaking mode of transportation will be seamlessly integrated into an end-to-end, multimodal travel experience that will redefine all notions of personal mobility.”

Later on this week the company will be showing off the Virgin Hyperloop XP-1 pod. This is the pod that reached record speeds of 240mph on the company’s DevLoop track in Nevada last month. According to the company the XP-1 is the only full-scale pod that achieves autonomous high-speed propulsion and levitation  in a controlled low-pressure environment.

“We’re giving the public a taste of what a Virgin Hyperloop One experience will be like by publicly unveiling our pod and demonstrating how passengers will experience booking a hyperloop trip from their pocket,” said CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, Rob Lloyd. “Every hardware and software milestone brings us closer to commercializing hyperloop.”

The company has benefited greatly in recent months after Richard Branson was brought in as non-executive chairman. As well as the rebranding this brought in some extra funding and much needed drive for the project.

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