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TOG Santoku Knife Review


A kitchen knife is a kitchen knife you might think, but what about a kitchen knife made using the same techniques as samurai swords? I got the chance to try one out thanks to small British company TOG Knives founded by Bert Beagley-Brown.

The seeds were sown way back in 2004 when Bert Beagley-Brown met with a Japanese swordsmith who still makes his swords in the classic way. Fast forward several years and Bert was ready to turn his attention to creating a range of high quality kitchen knives. He left the design consultancy he co-owned and ran to put the skills he had to use.

There are five knives in the TOG range each with a different purpose. I got the Santoku, a 6½” / 17cm multi purpose knife to try out. Given the knives are created to handle high volume it’s not surprise that over the course of a few weeks the knife handled everything we threw at it in our home kitchen. The knife had no problem slicing up a chicken, chopping vegetables and cutting through even the toughest of potatoes. The knife feels comfortable to hold too. A vital requirement especially if the knife might be used for several hours at a time.

This is unsurprising given that TOG worked with chefs from the moment the first prototype came off the production line. This final product is the result of many chipped blades, uncomfortable handle shapes and failed materials.

The time and effort that goes into each knife is reflected in the price. The cheapest in the range is £100 with the Santoku knife being priced at £150. The knives are a great investment though and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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