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Tech Company Sideways 6 Brews Their Own ‘Idea Beer’


London tech company Sideways 6 has come up with a novel way of inspiring creativity and innovation within the tech sector launching a limited so called ‘Idea Beer’.

The company is based in Shoreditch and specialises in assisting large organisations collect, manage and act on insight, ideas and feedback from their employees. This is often referred to as ‘innovation management’ or ‘idea management’. The aim is to help companies engage better with their employees and have a happier customer base. The ‘Idea Beer’ was made to promote creativity in the workplace.

The team from Sideways 6 brewed the beer at London Beer Labs. The beer was labelled back at the company’s Shoreditch headquarters. The tongue-in-cheek label encourages drinkers to ‘Innovate Responsibly’. The beer is limited edition and will be offered out to their partners and clients to get the creative juices as well as the beer flowing.

Speaking about the launch company founder and CEO Will Read said: “Creating our own Sideways 6 ‘Idea Beer’ is a light-hearted way for us to show that as a company we stand for innovation in all its forms.”

The Link Between Alcohol and Creativity

There is actually some science behind the idea of low amounts of alcohol helping creativity. A study carried out by the University of Graz in Austria found drinking one beer boosts creativity. Unsurprisingly excessive alcohol has the opposite effect. In the study half the participants were given a 5.2% beer while the other half were given a 0.5% beer. Those who consumed the beer performed 50% better in creativity tests.

Will said,  “Our ‘Idea Beer’ isn’t just a gimmick. The science linking higher levels of creativity with moderate alcohol consumption shows that great ideas sometimes come from the least expected places – and that is what Sideways 6 is all about.”

Next on the agenda for Sideways 6 is their own coffee. Studies have linked caffeine consumption to improving work quality and performance.

Will added, “We know great ideas are just the beginning; they are nothing without the tools to make them a reality. Our Idea Beer and coffee are representative of this process: Beer for the idea and coffee for the execution!”

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