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Smart Breakdown, the AA’s new smart tech service, launches

Wouldn’t it be great if your car could talk to you when it has a problem? Well with Smart Breakdown, the latest product from the AA, it can do just that. The nifty little device plugs into your car and detects 80% of engine-related faults before breakdowns happen. When an issue pops up the device sends a notification to the app on your smart phone so you can do something about it.

Smart Breakdown from the AA in box

This will prove particularly useful when it comes to preventing battery related issues which were responsible for 43000 breakdowns across the UK in December making it the number one cause.

In the event of more serious issues that lead to breakdowns the app will highlight the issue and let you report it straight from the app. The nearest patrol will be assigned the case and will even know what the problem is before they arrive on the scene.

In contrast, without the information provided by Smart Breakdown, problems can take days or even weeks so show themselves.

Helen Smith, Group Product and Customer Experience Director at the AA, said: “Smart Breakdown is an innovative product that has been designed to help drivers understand what their car is trying to tell them. At the AA, we know that car maintenance is not always easy, obvious or affordable, and that drivers don’t automatically know what to do when there’s something wrong with their car. With Smart Breakdown, drivers can relax knowing they’ll be notified of many faults in their car and that the AA is here in the event of a serious problem, helping to get them back on the road faster – no more calls, no more trying to describe what’s wrong, and no more struggling to explain their whereabouts.”

Find out more about Smart Breakdown on the AA website:

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