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Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones Review


Founded in 2003, Skullcandy are one of the most recognisable brands in the audio world. The experienced headphone makers are back with their Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones.

The Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones comes with a recommended retail price of £99.99. However some shopping around and you will be able to pick them up for prices as low as £79.99.

As the name suggests the Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless headphones are the third in the Hesh range. Not just a rehash of the Hesh 2 they are a total design. With a sleek design and reasonable performance they are great value for their price.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 – Design & Comfort

If you ask most people to describe Skullcandy headphones they would come up with all kinds of garish patterns and colours. Thankfully with the Hesh 3 the company has bucked that trend. They are available to buy in four colours; black, blue, grey and the red ones I have to review. The Skullcandy logo is still there of course but is very modestly placed.

The Hesh 3 are comfortable to wear too. There is more than enough padding on the earcups as well as on the headband. I had no problems wearing them for several hours at a time. They do have a lot of inward pressure on the head which could be an issue for some people.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones Review

Skullcandy Hesh 3 – Sound

So the Hesh 3 look good and fit well but how do they sound? The answer is pretty good. Skullcandy have a reputation for providing a bass heavy sound and the Hesh 3 is no exception. Compared to other Skullcandy headphones this has been toned down. The mids are generally okay but they do peak sometimes. For the price however they are better than you might expect.

The treble on the Hesh 3 is impressive too. The highs are crisp and clear giving the sound plenty of energy. Overall sound quality was good on a range of songs but they are still most suited to bass heavy genres like dance and rap.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 – Performance & Features

The Hesh 3 has all the basics you would expect from wireless headphones nailed down. The Bluetooth connection was very stable in all reasonable situations. You could comfortably walk around your house and they will work just fine. Battery life comes in at a very reasonable 22 hours. Rapid charging means you can get another 4 hours of playback after a quick 10 minute charge from flat.

Given the price there are obviously some compromises on more advanced features. While the headphones do a good job of blocking out other sounds you won’t find any active noise cancellation. There’s no Multipoint Bluetooth either but that’s standard for headphones in this price range.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Red
Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Red

The right cup is where you’ll find the three button controls. The middle button plays/pauses music while the plus and minus buttons or skip tracks on a long press of 3 seconds. You’ll find the Micro USB charge point and the standard 3.5mm jack on this earcup too and there is a wire included in the box. The lack of inline controls on the wire however means you don’t get the same control as in wireless mode.

While there is no case included with the headphones they do fold up to make them easier to store and transport around.


While the Hesh 3 headphones might be outperformed by some of their more expensive counterparts, if you are looking for a set of budget wireless headphones that look great and still offer reasonable performance then the Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones are the ones for you.

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