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Is Set To Revolutionise Travel Technology?


New York based travel app launched last week with an eye on revolutionising travel technology through their AI powered platform.

Is Set To Revolutionise Travel TechnologyThe new service is hoping to tap into the 77% of millennials that discover and book their holidays online. Instagram is a big part of this with 45% of millennials using the photo sharing social network to find their next destination.

The platform gives publishers and influencers the opportunity to monetise their geo-tags and travel content. Followers and readers will be able to save, share or book holidays right from Instagram posts or blog entries.

The travel industry is big business and influencers are becoming an increasingly large part of it. Estimates reckon they will drive upwards of $1 billion in sales through 2018. The model allows them to earn revenue off these sales.

Speaking about the app co-founder and CEO, Khalid Meniri said:

In order to generate hyper-relevant travel itineraries based on the influencers geo-tags and Instagram posts, we algorithmically connect the infinite data points between: images users like, influencers they follow, posts they share, and so on to forecast what itineraries they will most likely book or save. With every like, save, and share, more data is collected to make smarter recommendations — and inspire users to book travel seamlessly.

The other co-founder and CTO, Ilyas Djeddou added:

“We integrated Apple’s CoreML framework which uses a pre-trained convolutional neural network to process images locally in the device and generate tag outputs that we use to fuel our personalisation algorithm. We also support ApplePay to simplify bookings on both the iOS app and the web version.”

How works

Once a publisher has partened with all they need to get started is a snippet of code. The AI empowered button offers up dynamically generated travel recommendations based on the published articles.

The software allows readers to book or save hotels and holidays without leaving the site. In an age where audience retention is massive this is a key feature of the software.

Publishers are paid a commission for sales that come from their bookings – even if it is done some time later thanks to affiliate links that don’t expire.

Going further also provides publishers with data that tracks followers’ behaviour. This data is invaluable when it comes to knowing what their readers want.

As well as being available within blog posts and Instagram, is also available as an app – currently iPhone only.

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