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Robomow Launches New Range For 2018


For most mowing the lawn is one of the most mundane tasks when it comes to garden maintenance. Given the boom in gadgets and smart technology in the household it only makes sense the garden would benefit too. According to research by 2020 there will be 12 billion gadgets in homes- four times the current amount. Robotic lawnmowers are one of the technologies at the forefront of this boom.

Originally founded in 1995 Robomow have over 20 years of experience in robotic lawnmowers and they just released their 2018 product range. There are three different models to choose from depending on lawn size to give the best possible results.

The smallest model in the new range, the Robomow RX provides all the advantages of a smart lawnmower for under £500. The 2018 model comes with improved navigation and more customisation options and is perfect for lawns up to 200 square metres. The front mounted blade means it can get right up to the edge of the lawn.

If your garden is ten times the size of that then Robomow also have the RC models. With a 28cm mowing width the lawnmower offers a wide and precise cut.

The biggest model in the series is the Robomow RS. This model handles lawns up to 5000 square metres, territory normally covered by a ride on mower. Features include a 56cm cutting width and a dual blade to ensure a pristine finish. The RS is designed to handle tougher terrain and offer a perfect cut on the most uneven of surfaces.

Once your Robomow is installed it will head out from its docking station at regular intervals to keep your lawn cut down to size. The on board mulching system means there’s no bag to empty and the shredded grass is returned to the lawn to provide nutrients to help it grow.

Robomow also comes with an app and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to check battery life, change settings and set your preferred mowing schedule.

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