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Musk Unveils Tesla Semi in Trademark Style


In typical grand fashion Elon Musk took to the stage to unveil the latest vehicle off the production line, the Tesla Semi. For a truck the vehicle posts some impressive statistics.

Without the burden of a trailer the Semi can go from 0-60mph in just 5 seconds and fully loaded to its 80,000lb limit the same can be achieved in 20 seconds.

For comparison the diesel equivalent takes 15 and 60 seconds respectively.

Of course acceleration is just part of the story. On a 5% gradient the Semi can cruise at a nifty 65mph, 20mph faster than a diesel truck.

When it comes to range the diesel truck has the advantage – covering twice the distance on a full tank compared to a full charge on the Semi.

However most trips fall well within the Tesla Semi’s range and with the new Megachargers the batteries can be topped up while the vehicle is loaded and unloaded in just 30 minutes.

Musk Unveils Tesla Semi in Trademark Style

The Tesla Semi comes with a whole host of safety features that will make the roads safer for everyone.

The Semi comes with Tesla’s signature Autopilot that help prevent jackknifing, keep the truck in lane and automatically brake the vehicle in the event of danger.

The Tesla Semi is also comes with a built in convoy mode allowing one or more Semis to follow a lead vehicle autonomously.

Given the Tesla Semi has no engine, transmission and fewer moving parts, owners of the vehicle should expect significantly less maintenance costs – a major expense for haulage companies currently.

The big stumbling block for most may well be the cost.

A number hasn’t been put on the initial cost of each semi with Tesla keen to push the savings made over time – $200,000 over a million miles just on fuel.

Production of the revolutionary Tesla Semi is set to begin some time in 2019.

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