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Misfit launches new Misfit Command hybrid smartwatch


Earlier this week Misfit launched their brand new hybrid smartwatch, the Misfit Command. Combining the look of a traditional analogue watch with the features of a smart watch the Command offers the best of both worlds.

Misfit launches new Command hybrid smartwatch

The watch has a 44mm case that is 15mm thick and made of stainless steel with a matte finish and a polished top ring. It comes in a choice of colours and comes with either silicon sport strap or a metallic bracelet depending on preference.

Misfit launches new Command hybrid smartwatchThe Command comes with all the usual fitness tracking functions thanks to a 3-axis accelerometer. The watch can track your total steps taken, your total distance traversed and the number of calories burned in doing so. The Command is swimproof and waterproof up to 50m meaning you can use it to track your distance swum and laps completed. It is also capable of tracking quality and duration of your sleep.

The watch connects to Android or iOS devices via bluetooth and it can notify you of calls, text and other notifications. This is totally customisable depending on what you want to receive.

Through the Command’s smart button you can play music, take a picture, call your phone and connect to your other smart devices.

The Misfit Command doesn’t require charging and the company claims the battery will last up to a year before needing replacing – eclipsing the battery life of all their previous products.

Preston Moxcey, General Manager of Misfit, was obviously delighted to be able to show off the new product.

“Creating innovative wearable technology that could easily be mistaken for a fashion accessory has always been our goal at Misfit. Launching on the heels of Misfit’s first touchscreen smartwatch Vapor, Command provides Misfit users a more traditional-looking watch that still has smart features yet doesn’t require charging–the best of both worldsCommand proves that traditional watchmaking and contemporary technology can coexist and elevate one another.”

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