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Jim Beam launches limited edition ‘smart decanter’


Usually known for making bourbon Jim Beam has decided to enter the smart home market. Taking on the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, Jim Beam’s effort has one distinct advantage – it dispenses Whiskey on command.

Dubbed “JIM”, this is the world’s first smart decanter. The voice of virtual bartender “JIM” is provided by Fred Noe, the seventh-generation Beam family member to hold the Master Distiller title. “JIM” was unveiled on Jim Beam’s official YouTube channel complete with movie guy voiceover. The decanter includes a sleek compartment to fill with Jim Beam – or any other drink if you prefer.

Voice recognition comes via built-in 3G connectivity. Unfortunately Jim Beam confirmed this will end in around six months time. After this time the “JIM” will revert back to being a regular old decanter.

Announced Wednesday morning it didn’t take long for the limited edition smart decanter to sell out. At $34.90 “JIM” was available to buy at a fraction of the price of other smart home devices. However JIM isn’t the most helpful of smart devices. He just wants to talk Whiskey. He will though, pour you a drink on command.

This isn’t the first time Jim Beam has poked fun at the technology market. Last year the bourbon maker release the Jim Beam Apple watch. While the watch came without many of the functions expected of a smart watch it did have a built-in collapsible shot glass. The release tied in to their newly released flavoured Whiskey, Jim Beam Apple.

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