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Human Develop Ground Breaking Artificial Emotional Intelligence Technology


Pioneers in Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), Human, have developed a ground breaking new software that can read a human being’s subliminal facial expressions. The software has the ability to read subliminal facial expressions, converting them into a deeper range of emotions and characteristic traits all in real time.

The technology developed has a range of real world applications supporting suicide prevention, facial detecting among crowds, extreme behaviour monitoring and preventing anti-social behaviour.

The technology will be able to decipher emotions and characteristic traits in real time using deep learning. The security and intelligence world will be able to use this data to keep people safe from possible threats by identifying extreme and life-threatening behaviour quicker. The video below shows how this first of its kind software builds a profile of how people are feeling by monitoring their facial expressions.

Yi Xu, CEO and Founder of Human explains: “The ongoing scanning of emotions and characteristics in both small and large crowds has provided our clients with the ability to flag any extreme highs and lows in emotions. When narrowed down to extreme happiness, sadness, nervousness amongst others, it is giving both general and security staff the foresight and ability to step in before the worst case scenario presents itself.”

Artificial Emotional Intelligence from Human Dashboard

This advancement in AEI will aid the pattern monitoring and spotting that is already in place. By flagging up possible threats in large crowds, action can be taken in a preventative manner rather than the reactionary one that is more common today.

Yi Xu continued: “Businesses can now be confident that they are acting with the added benefit of psychological and emotional data as well as a visual track. This benefits detecting wanted or suspected individuals as well as identifying people who may be about to commit an offence is invaluable.”

Human have developed the technology to work across a range of platforms including web, mobile and through an API. It is capable of analysing both past and live footage with no need for any additional equipment.

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