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Hilton trialling tech to help you sleep easier


Let’s face it, nobody likes sleeping in hotel rooms so anything to improve the experience would be welcome. In a survey, Hilton found that excessive noise ranked as one of the top 3 complaints from guests. Thus the hotel chain has launched a trial of two technologies to combat these problems.

Immersive Sound

Immersive sound is typically used to describe 3D surround sound formats. In this case immersive sound refers to the Solid Drive. When installed this device can turn any surface be it a table, door or anything else into a speaker. In Hilton’s case they are testing whether installing the Solid Drive into a headboard can mask out other sounds. Using a tablet on the nightstand guests can control whether the Solid Drive emits white noise, a podcast, or even some calming music.

Sound Sleep

Hilton’s Sound Sleep rooms are fitted with the Nightingale from Cambridge Sound Management. This plug and play device can be set to lull the guests to sleep at a certain time before switching itself off when the guest needs to wake up. Outside noise is masked by the white noise frequencies emitted hopefully leading to a more peaceful sleep. The amount of noise put out can be controlled with a knob on the wall.

“With noise emitted from a range of sources – traffic, voices, the bustle of a lobby bar, or the sounds of construction – all with a different frequency of sound, combating this is one of the most complex issues to solve in hospitality,” says Jonathan Wilson, vice president of product innovation and brand services at Hilton.

“We take this challenge seriously and are constantly testing all the various elements that go into ensuring that every guest has the best night of sleep possible; from sound solutions to mattresses and pillows.”

These trials are currently taking place at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner in Virginia. If successful they could be coming to a Hilton near you.

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