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Cozmo Tops Amazon Toy Sales List For 2017 in UK and USA


Anki, specialists in artificial intelligence and consumer robotics celebrated a successful 2017 for the flagship product Cozmo. A survey from One Click Retail placed the robot as the best selling toy on Amazon’s US site for the second year running.

There was further good news here in the UK and across the Channel in France where Cozmo also topped the Amazon toy chart in the first year of availability.

More than just a robot Cozmo has its very own personality. He learns his environment and can recognise people and even cats and dogs. When he’s not being played with Cozmo will entertain himself moving around, sneezing or playing with his blocks. You can also play games with Cozmo too.

Midway through last year Cozmo got an upgrade called Code Lab. This is a visual, block-based programming language. With this you can make programmes through drag and drop functionality and then watch Cozmo act them out.

There was further good news for the company with Anki getting recognition by Fast Company in their World’s Most Innovative Companies for this year. They reached number 2 in the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics. This is the 4th year in a row they have featured in the list.

Cozmo received further recognition in the US from the NPD Group as the Top Selling Toy for 2017 in the Youth Electronics category. The Overdrive Starter Kit, another product from Anki, also reached number one in the Electric & Battery Car Sets and Accessories category.

“We’re grateful to all our fans for welcoming Cozmo into their homes and making him the top robot of the holiday. We strive to reinvent the type of experiences people can have with machines. Cozmo’s success is proof that robotics can be a core tool in how companies transform their products and services. As we continue to build out our core technologies, we look forward to delivering new and compelling experiences beyond entertainment to audiences worldwide.” – Boris Sofman, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Anki

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