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Cleen: The App Hoping To Improve Washrooms Everywhere


HSG UK, headed up by entrepreneur Simon Rice, last week launched Cleen, a Trip Advisor type experience focused solely on venues’ washroom facilities. This is the first app of its kind in the UK.

Using the app people can give clean and accessible washrooms compliments or post any complaints. This could range from dirty toilets, lack of toilet paper or soap, broken taps and other problems. Beyond this the app provides information on baby changing facilities and how accessible they are for those with disabilities.

Other users of Cleen can then view these reviews and see how the washrooms shape up allowing them to avoid venues which don’t cut the mustard.

On the flip side the app also features the Cleen Dashboard. Through this businesses can get access to the feedback allowing them to address any issues and respond to the customers directly.

The app was created by HSG UK whose Managing Director Simon Rice spent many years working in the washroom industry. During this time he came across all sorts of issues and felt something needed doing. He teamed up with Subism, a digital marketing agency based in Derby and London, to create the app.

The hope is having such a public rating will encourage businesses to take more care of their washrooms and shame them into doing better. Of course if a company was to get good reviews this is something they could use in their marketing.

Mr Rice said: “It has long been a bug bear of mine that, in this day and age, we are still faced with washrooms that are dirty, smelly with no toilet paper and overflowing nappy and sanitary bins.

“Having worked in the washroom industry for many years, I was determined to give the public a voice and turn the tide on the washroom roulette.This enables people to share their experiences – good and bad – so that others can make an informed choice about where to give their patronage.”

“Positive reviews are good advertisement and marketing tool for a business. When feedback is negative, the business has the information available immediately to address the situation or take their washroom services provider to task.”

Nimbus Disability Managing Director Martin Austin welcomed the launch of Cleen. Nimbus Disability is a not for profit company that provides advice and support to businesses on how to make things as easy as possible for those with disabilities. The app will provide a place for disabled people to get the information they need prior to visiting a venue.

Speaking about the app Martin said:

“The accessibility and standard of washrooms is a major consideration for disabled people when they are deciding where to visit – whether that be a shopping centre, theatre or restaurant.

“Cleen App is therefore a simple and engaging way of giving disabled people a voice to share their experiences – good and bad – to help other people make those decisions.

“Disabled people themselves have spending power in the UK of around £80 billion but this is heavily influenced by their perception of a business’s ability and willingness to work with disabled customers and employees.”

If you want to check out Cleen you can download it free of charge from the App Store for Apple or Android’s Google Play store.

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