The latest in technology news rolls out updated Booking Assistant chatbot

0’s online support chatbot is getting an upgrade. The latest version of the Booking Assistant will be there to help anybody using the English Language platforms. They expect 30% of customer enquiries to reach a satisfactory conclusion within 5 minutes.

This is the latest evolution in’s current messaging platform making use of recent improvements in artificial intelligence. Designed to be a robust first line support tool, The Booking Assistant will be able many questions users might have in a timely manner. have built the system entirely in house to fulfill the needs of their users.

The Booking Assistant uses language processing technology to identify and answer the most asked questions on the website.

The topics include payment, transportation, arrival and departure times, date changes, cancellation requests, parking information, extra bed requests, pet policies and Wi-Fi and internet availability.

As it is asked questions the Booking Assistant learns more about what users want to know. As a result it should get better and better over time. is also training it to categorise questions to make answers even faster.

If the Booking Assistant cannot help it will tap into more human sources to help out. It can either direct the query to’s in-house support team or someone at the property itself. The assistant will always identify to the user the source of this information.

The Booking Assistant has been built to work on all platforms. Whether you are on iOS or Android or Facebook Messenger it will be there. It is also available on the website via desktop, mobile or tablets.

“For us, AI is not about replacing human interaction, but is instead a vehicle to facilitate an even more personalised, instantaneously gratifying and frictionless travel experience for consumers,” said James Waters, Global Director of Customer Service at “As we operate in an industry that is incredibly personal, emotional and complex, maintaining the right balance between genuine human interaction and efficient automation is something we’re always trying to fine-tune and optimise throughout every stage of the consumer journey, including with the Booking Assistant.”

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