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Barclaycard Trials New Dine & Dash Payment Method

Waiting for the bill could become a thing of the past


Barclaycard are trialling a new payment solution for restaurants called ‘Dine & Dash’. This new idea will replace the traditional bill-paying process used in restaurants now. The company have teamed up with high street restaurant chain Prezzo to trial the idea in the real world.

Instead of waiting after finishing for the server to bring the bill diners will simply be able to get up and leave straight after eating. Critically no changes are required to a restaurant’s existing ePos system. The payment is automatic saving the serving staff valuable time. The three step process is as easy as “tap, eat and go”:

  1. Tap: Customers download the Dine & Dash app and set it up with their payment details. Upon arrival at a restaurant they tap their phone on the Dine & Dash totem on their table to check-in.
  2. Eat: The best part. Order and enjoy the meal.
  3. Go: At the end of the meal diners can simply leave. The totem changes colour to show a payment was successful. Features include bill splitting, adding tips, applying discounts and receiving digital receipts.

Barclaycard initially trialled the invisible payments technology in their own staff restaurants. Dubbed Grab + Go, the pilot turned employees mobile phones into pocket checkouts.

 “Building on our experience in invisible payments, we wanted to use Dine & Dash to unlock a whole host of benefits for restauranteurs: from freeing staff up to focus on customer service to creating a better dining experience that increases loyalty to improving table turnover time – leading to higher revenues. In addition to helping restaurants respond to the latest consumer demands, this innovative solution is simple to implement and scale. We see this as a ‘win win’ for both diners and restaurants, and are excited to partner with Prezzo, helping them stay at the forefront of delivering the best customer experience in the industry.” – Nick Kerigan, Managing Director of Future Payments at Barclaycard.

Prior to creating the system Barclaycard undertook research to find out what restaurant owners and diners wanted. They found that 95% of the 300 owners polled felt their staff’s time is better spent delivering a good service not taking payments. 38% of consumers polled said they would like to avoid waiting for a bill if possible. Such a system would make it much more difficult for diners to up and leave without paying too.

“Finding better ways to serve our customers is at the top of the agenda for Prezzo. We believe we have found a unique opportunity with Barclaycard’s Dine & Dash solution as it makes payment simpler and quicker. We’re really looking forward to testing this exciting new technology in our restaurants.” – Dave Broom, IT Director at Prezzo.

If you want to see what the hype is about Barclaycard are trialling Dine & Dash at the St Martins Lane Avenue Prezzo restaurant in London on March 13th. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up at

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