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There is a bacon toaster and it is a thing of beauty


When it comes to food, bacon pushes chicken nuggets close as the undisputed king in my book. So when I saw the words “bacon toaster” pop up I had to take a closer look.

A concept initially thought up by American company Nostalgia, UK based Smart Worldwide Ltd has now released their own version. The Bacon Express is part of the SMART retro range. The appliance is essentially a vertical grill that resembles a toaster but for cooking bacon or other rashers of meat. Hence the nickname bacon toaster.

Whether you like it crispy or barely cooked it has your back. Cooking time can easily be adjusted with the light-up dial and it might take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect setting. SMART claims flipping is not necessary but I imagine in practice doing so will improve results.

The Bacon Express is made to cook anything up to six rashers of either regular or thick cut streaky bacon at any one time. It will probably fit about three rashers of regular bacon here in the UK.

The vertical cooking means the fat and grease drains away while cooking. Much like a George Foreman grill this makes the bacon healthier than the traditional frying method. The removable tray at the bottom catches the fat for easy disposal.

Once the cooking process is over cleaning has also been made as quick and easy as possible. The non-stick cooking plate slides straight out as do the door linings for washing.

The Bacon Express currently has positive customer reviews online albeit from a small sample so far.

A bacon toaster definitely looks like something I need to add to my kitchen appliance collection in the near future.

Check out a video of SMART’s Bacon Express in action below. One of the 2017 gadget’s you didn’t realise you needed.

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