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Azio Retro Classic Keyboard Review


Keyboard makers Azio are known for making high quality mechanical keyboards for gamers and I got the chance to try out their latest product the Retro Classic, a steampunk inspired retro keyboard from a company known for their PC gaming products.


The Azio Retro Classic comes in four different models. The Onyx, Posh and Artisan come with copper or chrome keys and trim with black or white leather. The fourth, the Ellwood is a little different combining a zinc alloy frame with a walnut wood surface. A polished plaque with the name of the keyboard is a nice finishing touch. The frame is held on by exposed screws adding to the mechanical feel of the keyboard. The back legs are adjustable depending on whether you prefer your keyboard flat or at an angle.

Connectivity & Function

The Azio Classic supports both Windows and Mac and can connect via USB-C or Bluetooth if your computer supports it. The keyboard boasts a 6,000mAh battery that offers roughly a month between charges with the backlighting on. Dimming down or totally disabling the backlighting should extend that to around a year.

While in Bluetooth mode the keyboard also goes into standby mode after five minutes of inactivity, dimming the backlights to save on battery. The keyboard wakes up quickly enough with a tap of a key.

Switching between PC and Mac modes is as easy as flicking a switch located on the rear of the keyboard. Each keyboard comes with two sets of keys to support both platforms and it’s easy enough to just pop off one set of keys put the others on.

How it feels

Of course all the great work that’s gone into the design of the Azio Retro Classic would go to waste if it didn’t function well. Luckily that isn’t a problem here. Typing away on the keyboard each press of the key comes is accompanied by a satisfying clunk that makes typing a delight. Others in your vicinity might not appreciate it but hey, they are probably just jealous.


The only thing heftier than the keyboard is the price tag. Coming in at a hefty £189.99 on Amazon the Azio Classic is without doubt a luxury purchase. For your money you are guaranteed to get a quality keyboard that looks and feels great so the only decision to make is do you want to part with that kind of money.

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