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Air by Crazybaby Wireless Earphones Review


Initially funded through an Indiegogo campaign the Air by Crazybaby Wireless earphones were 12 months in the making. Claiming to combine a comfortable fit with a sleek look and most importantly great sound unfortunately they are very much a case of style over substance.

Air by Crazybaby: In the box

The Air by Crazybaby come in a sleek looking compact. After sliding off the outer sleeve and opening the box the first thing you’ll see is the charging case looking resplendent in silver or black. Slide open the case and you’ll find the earphones themselves. Underneath this you’ll find some short instructions, a small USB-C charging cable, four different sizes of ear buds, and three sizes of sport sleeves. Made from medical grade silicone, these covers protect the earphones during strenuous exercise.

Air by Crazybaby: Design & Feel

If there’s one place you can say Crazybaby didn’t hold back it’s in the design of the Air. They come in two colour choices, white with turquoise lights or black with red lights. There is minimal detail with the Crazybaby logo doubling up as the light indicating the status of each earphone.

This logo is also the button used to turn on the earphones via a long press and control the various functions. The left side controls the phone functions such as activating Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. The right side pauses and plays music as well as skipping tracks. Disappointingly there is no volume control available.

As well as looking the part the Air feel great too. The shape of the earphones fit nicely inside the ear and stay in place even during the most vigorous of exercise.

The charging case too fits in with the modern, sleek look of the earphones. Shaped like a giant pill, the case slides open revealing two spaces for the earphones. Once you’ve popped them in they are held there by magnets.

The Air come with an IP66 rating meaning they are fully protected from dust as well as being water resistant up to and including being blasted with high pressure water jets. It’s about as high as you can get without being totally waterproof.

Air by Crazybaby: Performance & Sound

Unfortunately for all the positives the Air are plagued by connectivity issues. Specifically the right ear bud cuts out regularly albeit only for a fraction of a second but it totally ruins the experience. This is a shame because when they are working the sound is pretty decent. It’s perhaps slight on the bassy side but not at the expense of other sounds.

The battery life is also something that could do with a little improvement. On medium volume the Air last roughly two and a half hours per charge with the charging case offering a few extra charges too.

Air by Crazybaby: The verdict

If it was all about looks when Air by Crazybaby would take all the awards. Unfortunately the terrible connectivity issues are a real deal breaker. Hopefully this is something the company can iron out in future versions of their earphones.


A great looking product let down by some pretty severe Bluetooth connectivity issues.

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Sound
  • Value For Money

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