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The “Selfieccino” – a cappuccino with your face printed on it


The concept of barista art is nothing new. However the time consuming practice can lead to the dreaded cold coffee before you’ve even taken a sip. Now, thanks to a bit of advanced technology the “Selfieccino” has been born.

Selfieccino a cappuccino with your face printed on itThe Selfieccino is the brain child of London based tea room chain The Tea Terrace. The chain currently operates three tea rooms inside House of Fraser stores in London Oxford Street, London Victoria Street and Guildford.

“We are proud to be introducing something quite unique to the UK market. It’s the first time people will be able to print their selfie, or any image, on their cappuccino”, said Ehab Shouly, Managing Director of The Tea Terrace.

This first of its kind concept in Europe uses face scanning software and edible food colouring to create the effect. Customers simply send a selfie to the barista using a messaging app. The barista will then prepare the cappuccino in the usual way before placing the cup under a high-tech printer. This prints the selfie onto the froth in under 30 seconds.

“The likeness and accuracy of the image is amazing. And it still looks like what is known among coffee lovers as ‘barista art’, which is when a barista spends time creating a likeness of a customer on the froth manually. The problem with barista art is that by the time it’s done, the cappuccino’s gone cold,” Shouly said.

The company is very forward thinking when it comes to social media. Previously they introduced fairy tale throne chairs and golden princess carriages, both a real hit with selfie-taking Millennials. The hope is that these Selfieccinos will be just as popular with those looking for the perfect shot for Snapchat and Instagram.

The Selfieccino will be available first at the chain’s Oxford Street store before being rolled out at the other two stores shortly after.

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