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Iconic 80s UK Tech Brand Acorn is Back With a New Smartphone


40 years after the original Acorn Computers company was founded the brand is back and its entering the smartphone market with the aptly named Acorn Micro Phone C5.

The Android powered phone will feature some premium features while coming in at a reasonably affordable price. The brand is sure to appeal to those who look back on their Acorn computers with great fondness.

Founded in 1978, back in the 1980s Acorn was a household name in computing. They competed with Apple, Atari and others for prominence in personal computing. Their flagship product was the BBC Micro.

During this time they also worked on developing the Acorn RISC Machine, also known as ARM. Development of this would continue in a separate company owned by Acorn, Apple and VLSI. This architecture would go on to be the brain behind virtually every smartphone on the planet. So in a way Acorn are the unsung heroes of the smartphone landscape.

Acorn Computers went out of business in the year 2000 and one of the most iconic names in computers was gone. More recently the Acorn name was revived by a French company and used to sell IBM compatible computers. This latest revival comes in the year the original company would celebrate its 40th birthday.

Acorn Micro Phone C5

The Acorn Micro Phone C5

The Acorn Micro Phone C5 features several nods to the Acorn computers of the past. The name itself is a homage to the Acorn’s flagship computer the BBC Micro. The software keyboard colour matches the iconic Micro keyboard too. On the back there’s an updated version of the classic Acorn logo as well as a Union flag.

Inside the Micro C5 has an octa-core ARM CPU, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Powering the phone is a 3ah battery, putting it at the larger end of the spectrum. Featuring Quad cameras means its possible to take depth-of-field photos both front and back. The 5.7″, 18:9 screen makes the most of the space going right up to the edge of the phone.

Acorn made the pretty simple choice to use Android for the software. They are working with Google to make sure it gets GMS approval before shipping. Other features include biometric fingerprint security, unlocked dual-SIM slots and Cat 6 4G.

If you want to get your hands on the Acorn Micro Phone C5 you can get it on Indiegogo for just £95, half its usual price. That is assuming they can raise the £450,000 target by the end of March.

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