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Air by Crazybaby Wireless Earphones Review

Initially funded through an Indiegogo campaign the Air by Crazybaby Wireless earphones were 12 months in the making. Claiming to combine a comfortable fit with a sleek look and most importantly great sound unfortunately they are very much a…

Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones Review

Earlier this year I got to try out Master & Dynamic’s MW60 over-ear headphones which were amazing. The luxury audio brand has been making waves with a range of premium headphones and earphones so I was keen to try out some of their…

Humax FVP-5000T Review

When it comes to Freeview Play boxes Humax are one of the longest running freeview box providers. Their latest offering, the Humax FVP-5000T, sets another benchmark for others to follow. Improving on its predecessor, the Humax FVP-5000T…

TOG Santoku Knife Review

A kitchen knife is a kitchen knife you might think, but what about a kitchen knife made using the same techniques as samurai swords? I got the chance to try one out thanks to small British company TOG Knives founded by Bert Beagley-Brown.…

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard Review

Keyboard makers Azio are known for making high quality mechanical keyboards for gamers and I got the chance to try out their latest product the Retro Classic, a steampunk inspired retro keyboard from a company known for their PC gaming…


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